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Some good friends of ours have books out on Amazon

A few friends of ours have been published and have books available on Amazon

Cathleen Falsani has several books online.
The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers  is our favorite. Sin Boldly: A Field Guide for Grace is another great read and The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People 

Cathleen's husband, Maurice Possley also has a book just released that we ordered today Hitler in the Crosshairs: A GI's Story of Courage and Faith

Athol Dickson also has several books available online. Winter Haven, River Rising, Gospel according to Moses, They Shall See God, Every Hidden Thing and our favorite The Cure.

Take the time to read these books......You will be blessed if you do.
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Get Paid to Save!

I just came across something, and wanted to pass it along to you. As you probably know, Groupon is the fastest growing company ever, and recently turned down an offer of $6 billion from Google after just two years in business. They offer a Daily Deal with offers from local businesses of 50%- 70% off for a variety of products and services including restaurants, spas, sporting events, and more. I personally use Groupon and look forward to the Daily Deal.

There is a new company called The Customer Advantage that is getting ready to launch a similar Daily Deal service, but with one major difference. Instead of KEEPING the money like Groupon does, The Customer Advantage shares the revenues with everyone that is a member of their service( which is ALWAYS FREE) based on how many people you refer.

The program is pretty simple. Here is how it works:

1. You sign up to be a member of the The Customer Advantage at It is free to signup and there is never an obligation to buy anything.

2. They will create a similar signup page for you (i.e. ) to forward to your family, friends, school, church, business, etc.

3. Once they begin offering their Daily Deals, you and everyone you sign up with receive a daily email with special offers of 50% to 70% off from products and services in your area.

4. You are paid 5% of the purchases made by up to five levels of signups. For example:

1. Say you signup 10 people directly (technically you need to sign up 15 people to get paid on the fifth level, but to keep the math simple let’s assume only 10 of those become actively involved)

2. And those 10 people each signup 10 people - you would have 100 people in your group.

3. And those 100 people each signed up 10 people - you would have 1,000 people in your group.

4. If those 1,000 signed up 10 people each - you would have 10,000 people in your group.

5. If those 10,000 people each signed up 10 people - you would have 100,000 people in your group.

You would receive 5% of any purchases made by any of those 100,000 people. If the average person spent $10 per month that would mean the purchasing in your group would be $1,000,000 per month and you would receive 5% of that or $50,000 per month. I’m sure it won’t be that easy( but it definitely doesn't seem hard at all), even if you made several thousand dollars per month for referring some of your friends to this, it is not a bad deal. Since it is free to signup, you have nothing to lose.

The site just started recently and already has almost 45,000 members and it is growing daily. They expect to have 10 million members by the end of the year. The sooner you get started the better chance you have of growing your member group.

There is NO RISK and no obligation of any kind. Signup today and start getting great Daily Deals addition to making money $$$$ !

Go to and you will be forwarded to our The Customer Advantage signup page.

I just figure.....what do we have to lose! and all to gain !!

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These are the kinds of People that Inspire me!

Besides eating healthy my husband and I are involved with Growers First. They are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping the extreme poor.

Shayne Moore will be speaking at the Growers First. annual event this October 23rd.

Check out this great interview with ONE member and all-around awesome soccer mom Shayne Moore which aired on CNN. In it she discusses how she got involved with ONE and how she’s doing her part to combat extreme poverty:

You can Pre-purchase her book "Global Soccer Mom: Changing the World is Easier Than You Think"

My copy is on its way!
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La Sirena Grill

We don't go out to eat much because I love cooking at home.  I know what is in my meals, and I try to buy organic as often as I can but when we do go out, we try to find restaurants that serve organic foods, grassfed beef, and chicken that is organic as well.

One of our great finds lately is La Sirena Grill

(The Following descriptions were taken directly off the the La Sirena Grill website) The original La Sirena Grill is located slightly off the beaten path in downtown Laguna Beach, California. Reminiscent of a hole in the wall in old Mexico, seating is limited to a few barstools and handful of tables and benches. This location offers the finest in sidewalk dining and take-out service, and they offer breakfast.

The South Laguna location is conveniently located on Coast Highway across from the exclusive Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach, California. The casual atmosphere and peak-a-boo ocean view make this a favorite spot for locals and out-of-towners alike to relax with a taco and cold beer after a day at the beach. This location offers dine-in as well as take-out service and has ample seating both inside and out.

(One of our favorites because of the great outside seating is) La Sirena Grill’s third location brings contemporary-Mexican flavor to the rustic elegance of the Orchard Hills Village Center in Irvine, California. The recycled wood furnishings and whimsical wall treatments create a charming dining atmosphere. Additional seating is available in the center’s open-air patio. This location offers a casual dining experience as well as convenient take-out service.

Their 4th location is in the Plaza El Segundo shopping center. La Sirena Grill & Cantina is their full-service concept with a inviting dining area, glowing fire wall in the open-air patio, and premium tequila bar featuring our signature drinks, beers, and tequilas. Making it a great place to meet friends and family.

We love, love, love their food.  You will not be disappointed!  The salads are huge, and worth every penny.  Bean Burritos, Tacos, beans, rice, nachos, and the guacamole and salsas are to die for. Here is a link to their menus.
If you are in any of these areas, please be sure to drop in.