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Statin Drugs

Are you on Lipitor, or any of the many statin drugs??  How has it happened that so many people of age fifty-plus suddenly needs a statin drug?
Why statins don't help heart disease.  It's a series of events.  Aging people overexpress a molecule called nuclear factor kappa beta (NFkB), which then ignites a lethal cascade through the body.  NFkB acts like a switch to turn "on" inflammation if you live an unhealthy lifestyle with a poor diet, but it turns "off" the inflammation switch if you are in good health.
Okay so statins do inhibit NFkB, which is why it seems that it works, but by inhibiting NFkB, it also inhibits the effectiveness of our immune system, which is so important and matters because the immune system is our defense system.  Because of this, inflammation can run out of control, causing many things, but most importantly...heart disease.  It inhibits our Co-Q10, which is our most important and essential nutrient.
Statins can:
  • alter the immune system
  • inhibit Co-Q10 production, which leads to loss of nerve function, muscle disease, and pain in more than one nerve
  • cause inflammation of the muscles (myositis and deadly rhabdomyolysis)
  • lead to breakdowns in muscle fiber and the release of myoglobin, which blocks the kidneys
  • cause brain damage, dementia, and memory lapses
  • Cholesterol is our sole source for our sex hormones.  Statins inhibit cholesterol production, and we now know that statins deplete testerone. Slowly the sex drive will go away...uuumm...unacceptable!
We have come to expect statin side effects such as liver damage, muscle pain, nerve damage, and heart failure, but the cognitive side effects from statin drugs are unexpected by both patient and physician.  Sometmes systems begin right away, and in other cases several years might pass before the the onset of symptoms.
We have to stop looking at cholesterol as the sole culprit in heart disease.  Inflammation is more directly linked to heart problems.  We need an abundant supply of cholesterol in our bodies for proper functioning.
Statins may lower cholesterol, but at what cost??  With all the negative side effects associated with statins, the whole idea needs to be rethought.
Omega -3's, Co-Q10, and a healthy diet is a great start to preventing heart disease.  Cut back on saturated fats, trans fats, and omega-6 fats, and cut out chemicals.
Go to "" by Dr. Duane Graveline for great information on statin drugs.  Read, read, read and educate yourself.
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Spices - Make your food "Superfood"

My husband loves the meals I make him, but I think it's all in the spices.  Spices are huge in making tasty meals, but there is so much more to spices in regards to your health.

A big component to our diet is that we average three spices per meal.  Meaning put organic cayenne pepper on your brown rice, turmeric or cumin on your eggs, sage in your soups,  cinnamon in your smoothies or yogurt.  Spices improve the density of nutritional foods.  The more nutritious the food is, the more nutrients in it, the better.  Every time you put three or four spices in a meal you have just upgraded your food.  You have made it a superfood.
Per Dr. Eric Braverman, you should go out and spend $50.00 in spices and $50.00 in herbal teas.  There are over four thousand flavonoids that have been discovered in teas that are all anti-flammatory, but there are also anti-flammatories all over the place: oranges, carrots, nutrients, teas.  Dr. Eric Braverman in Suzanne Somer's, "Breakthrough", recommends drinking four or five cups of herbal tea a day.  Greentea is a cornerstone, but so is turmeric, or cumin, all the spices, they're all good.
According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, Flavonoids provide powerful protection against cancer and other diseases.  Flavonoids are plant pigments responsible for the color of flowers, fruits, and sometimes leaves.  Researchers believe the flavonoids that plants supply provide the natural anti-flammatory and antioxidant magic bullet so important for health.
Following are foods that contain flavonoids:  Onions, Lettuce (whole plant), garlic (bulb), Cabbage, Basil, Kale, Spinach, Lima Bean (all leafs), Brussels sprouts, Kohirabi (shoot), Asparagus (root), Fennel (fruit), Kidney Bean, Garden pea (shoot) and Adzuki seed.
Herbs that contain flavonoids:  Dill (seed), Tea (whole plant), Thyme (whole plant), Cayenne, Corander, Peppermint, Chamomile, Anise.
A little side note on Sea Salt:  Consume at least a teaspoon of sea salt every day and drink enough water.  This combined with exercise will keep your lymph system from clogging up, and the lymph system is paramount to your health.  Don't be afraid of sea salt - there is very little sodium, and it is 97 percent minerals.  Celtic sea salt and pink salt are the best.
Now, go out and spice up your meals, and enjoy your healthy superfoods!
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MSG - make sure it is not in your food

In all my reading I have come to find out many things that should not be in our foods.

1.  MSG
2.  High Fructose Corn Syrup
3.  Hydrogenated oils

MSG has many other names that you may not know about.  If negative information comes out on MSG they come up with another substance that in most cases has MSG in it.  Following are some of them.

1.  hydrolyzed vegetable protein
2.  caseinate
3.  autolyzed yeast extract
4.  beef or Chicken broth
5.  natural flavoring
6.  soy protein
7.  soy isolates
8.  soy protein isolates
9.  soy protein concentrates

The government regulatory agencies allow food manufacturers to call these excitotoxin additives by any name they choose as long as the glutamate content is less than 99 percent pure.
Excitotoxins can and do cause brain damage.  These chemicals literally excite the neurons  to death, which is why they call them excitotoxins.  Their regular consumption can cause brain damage and cancer. 
It may seem that each item we buy does not have enough to hurt us, but remember, almost everything that is packaged, bagged, boxed and so on is processed, and may have MSG in one form or another.

Suzanne Somers does a great job interviewing Drs. with a wealth of information.  This information is in her book Breakthrough.  It will change your way of eating for sure!
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