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MSG - make sure it is not in your food

In all my reading I have come to find out many things that should not be in our foods.

1.  MSG
2.  High Fructose Corn Syrup
3.  Hydrogenated oils

MSG has many other names that you may not know about.  If negative information comes out on MSG they come up with another substance that in most cases has MSG in it.  Following are some of them.

1.  hydrolyzed vegetable protein
2.  caseinate
3.  autolyzed yeast extract
4.  beef or Chicken broth
5.  natural flavoring
6.  soy protein
7.  soy isolates
8.  soy protein isolates
9.  soy protein concentrates

The government regulatory agencies allow food manufacturers to call these excitotoxin additives by any name they choose as long as the glutamate content is less than 99 percent pure.
Excitotoxins can and do cause brain damage.  These chemicals literally excite the neurons  to death, which is why they call them excitotoxins.  Their regular consumption can cause brain damage and cancer. 
It may seem that each item we buy does not have enough to hurt us, but remember, almost everything that is packaged, bagged, boxed and so on is processed, and may have MSG in one form or another.

Suzanne Somers does a great job interviewing Drs. with a wealth of information.  This information is in her book Breakthrough.  It will change your way of eating for sure!
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mmangold said...

Thank you for your blog, especially this post. I look forward to trying a recipe or two. Cheers and Health to you and your family!

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