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Perfect Cleanse

We decided to start a 10 day cleanse, and we started yesterday.  In case anyone is thinking about starting a cleanse, I thought I would blog our little journey.  We are using "Garden of Life."  I know there are several cleanses out there, but I love the Garden of Life vitamins and probiotics so I thought we would try their cleanse.
There are 3 steps.  Purify, Capture, and Remove.  They are all taken at night.  The 3 purify pills are taken a half hour before dinner, the capture you drink a half hour after dinner, and the Remove is 3 pills before you go to sleep. 
Monday, our first evening we followed all our steps.  Our first full day was normal.  There was nothing unusual. 
Tuesday evening we are just experiencing a little stomach gurgle, and maybe a little gas.  We have taken our 3 steps tonight.  Nothing really to report.  The instructions say there will not be much movement until the third day.
See you back here tomorrow night for our update.
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