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Are your Personal Care Products Safe??

I thought I would inform my readers on the synthetic cosmetic ingredients known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, birth defects or endocrine disruption. When it comes to these chemicals in your cosmetics, don't use them!  Most women expose themselves to at least 168 chemicals a day with products they use.  Europe has banned 1109 chemicals in its personal care products-including sodium laurel sulphate, found in most shampoos. The FDA has banned the use of 10 chemicals in US personal care products.  We deserve the same safe products that the Europeans have! 9 out of 10 ingredients used in personal care products in the US have not been evaluated for safety.
These toxins are at the top of the list...please read your labels:
1.Methyl and Propyl and Butyl and Ethyl Paraben. Linked to breast cancer.
2.Imidazolindyl Urea. Impurities linked to cancer.
3.Diazolindyl Urea. Allergies/immunotoxicity.
4.Petrolatum. Can cause highly allergic reactions.
5.Propylene Glycol. Alters skin structure for enhanced skin absorption. A skin irritant that can cause allergic reactions. Irritation.
6.PVP/V Copolymer.
7.Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Non-reproductive organ system toxicity, irritation. Changes skin structure which allows chemicals to penetrate more deeply into skin.
8.Stearalkonium Chloride. Non-reproductive organ system toxicity, neurotoxicity, and irritation.
9.Synthetic colors. Developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, and non-reproductive organ system toxicity. For example, synthetic colors may be listed as the following: FD&C Blue 1 Aluminum Lake or D&C Red 27 Lake.
10.Synthetic fragrances. Neurotoxicity, allergies/immunotoxicity, and other concerns.
11.Phthalates. Developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, hormone disruption, allergies/immunotoxicity, persistence and bioaccumulation, and non-reproductive organ system toxicity. Linked to reproductive birth defects in baby boys. May damage lungs, liver, kidneys.
12.Triethanolamine. May form carcinogenic compounds called nitrosamines in the body after absorbed - also among the most potent cancer-causing agents found.
The following are some brands that do not have these toxins:
1.Nurture my body
3.California Baby
4.Zum Body
5.Zum Bar
6. Earthmama
7. Jane Iredale
9.Tropical Traditions
11. Weleda Baby

Okay everyone...Go out and get healthy!!
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