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Pamela's Products - Gluten Free!

I have given up gluten in my diet.  Why??, you ask...
I started having hot flashes (pre-menopausal symptoms), and someone told me to take gluten out of my diet, and all my symptoms would go away so I did.  Believe it or not, my hot flashes went away!  I have told many other women about my find, and it has worked for them as well.  It is also a healthier way of eating.
So in my search for gluten-free products I was introduced to Pamela's Products by my daughter.  It is a fabulous product.  There are recipes on the back of the package, and I have made most of them.  All I can say is DELICIOUS!  We make cookies, muffins, scones, sour cream cinnamon cake, and pancakes, using Agave Agave is a sweetner that is lower on the glycemic index, and is safer for people with diabetes, but it is great for anyone.  We use it for our coffee, organic tea, and I bake with it.
I use Pamela's Productsnbsp;recipes, and I also ad-lib changing things up a bit. You won't be sorry you used it!


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